Todd Hoyer

Born: 1952

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Attended Arizona State University 1970-1975

Majored in Manufacturing Engineering and Design Technology

Lives in Bisbee, AZ.


Artist Statement


My work is a reflection of my life.  Each idea, each piece an integral step on my path toward understanding the material and through it, myself.

Consciously and subconsciously, ideas and images parallel and express changes in my life.  I have developed a very personal visual language to communicate.  The sphere is the heart of my work, and is the starting point for most of the Series I work with.  Wood forms create the context for the struggle between interior and exterior, light and dark, horizontal and vertical. Surface treatments such as a blackened interior, represent the void within.  Weathered exteriors personify aging.  Metal layers flow and weave, bind and separate. 

The combination of these together with other images and forms, chronicles a life of growth and change.